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Our Mission

Is to save at risk Wild Mustangs rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management from being sent to slaughter.  Our American wild horses are losing their Freedom, torn away from their families, being stuck in filthy feedlots or holding pens like cattle or ending up in kill pens destined for slaughter. There are over 50,000 wild horses that were violently rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management needlessly held at government holding facilities living in inhumane conditions. At the rate of the current roundups our wild horses are on a path to Extinction.  Temporarily we are placing saved wild mustangs in foster care, boarding, sanctuary or approved homes. We are looking for sanctuary land in Oklahoma so many can return to freedom with family and friends. Until we can acquire sanctuary property, we are paying board of $125 each a month, which doesn't include vet care, farriers, or supplements. Please consider helping us with saving our American wild horses, aftercare and purchasing sanctuary land so families and friends can remain together wild and free

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