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Time Critical:  The lease will be up in September and we need to move our horses before that happens. We are looking to purchase land in the State of Oklahoma to provide a forever “ sanctuary” and rehab setting for our beloved Wild Mustangs. We currently fund and care for 80 plus Mustangs pulled from auctions and kill-pens. These horses are now housed in foster & boarding ranches throughout the Midwest. Many will stay as Wild Horses but just as many will need gentling and rehab and will make great domestic partners. 

Our plan for this ranch would be to create a self sustaining facility that rescues, rehabs and re-homes those that are able and provides sanctuary for those who are not. This is an immediate need as we need to begin moving herds by late summer 2023. In addition to caring for the horses - The ranch would offer camping, tours, educational clinics and events.

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